Sunday, January 30, 2011

Guinea Pig dramas

No, the guinea pigs are not drama queens. We've had a couple of close calls with our guinea pigs. Sabina's guinea pigs.

The first close call was when we had the guinea pigs in their portable outdoor enclosure. The enclosure keeps them contained, but is totally open above them. So we cover it with an old fly wire door. But that only covers half the enclosure.

Anyhow, that's how they were when Sabina and I were walking a horse back to his paddock. We looked up and saw an eagle. We marvelled at his wings, at his head, at his tail. We marvelled at his beauty. Then "Sabina! The guinea pigs! Quick!", I shouted. The little girl didn't need a second prompting; she arrived breathless at her guinea pig enclosure and kept them company until the eagle flew away.

The second drama occurred just before dinner time. This time around the guinea pigs were in "Fort Cavy".

Sabina and I were inside preparing dinner. An odd sound caught my ear. Sort of like dogs barking. "Mama, I think I can hear dogs barking", said Sabina. I dropped everything. I don't even know if I left something on the stove or not. Without another word I bolted out the back door, to find "Fort Cavy" surrounded by two keen Jack Russell terriers. Words flew, dogs started running, and I kept chasing them till they were well down the driveway, tails tucked under. They were very lucky I didn't have a whip handy.

The guinea pigs were just fine.

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